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Why Choose DWB?

The #1 Solution for your #2 Problem

Dog waste left behind has long been an issue that annoys us all, as well as creates 
environmental problems. Our company mission is to provide a useful and economical product 
that makes an undesirable task easier, resulting in cleaner communities worldwide.

Doggie Walk Bags, Inc. is the original blue bag for picking up after your dog! Our earth-friendly company has been in business since 1988 and maintains the largest selection of packaging choices and bag options in the pet industry today. 

Top Quality Bags
People pick up because they like our bags! Doggie Walk Bags is committed to supplying the "ideal" bag for dog waste pick up. We spent many years researching what customers want and came up with a proven solution. Doggie Walk Bags dog waste disposal bags are: 
  • Baby powder scented for odor neutralization
  • Opaque in color to hide contents
  • Fitted with easy tie handles to provide a tight seal
  • Bright blue color for greater visibility to neighbors (and law enforcement)
  • Available in many different packaging options
  • Reasonably priced for daily use

Our Employees
By supporting our company you are supporting a family-owned-and-operated business that employs not only immediate & extended family, but friends, neighbors and developmentally challenged students and young adults. Doggie Walk Bags, Inc. proudly works with the Huntington Beach Union High School District's Vocational Training Program and the Westview Vocational Services. These programs give developmentally disabled students the opportunity to experience the satisfaction that comes from participating in jobs & job training experiences that can lead to greater independence.


Doggie Walk Bags is also active in numerous events including parades, adoption clinics, dog jogs, therapy dog sponsorships, special breed events, veterinarian hospitals and care facilities. We happily donate our products to hundreds of special events each year. The DWB Company is proud to support those who are committed to promoting community pride and pet acceptance. We are trying to help keep the environment cleaner, one dog at a time. Please feel free to contact us to inquire about an upcoming event in your area!

EPI, Environmental Technologies Inc.

EPI Environmental Products Inc.
Doggie Walk Bags works with the company EPI, Environmental Technologies Inc. EPI and its subsidiaries have been in operation since 1991 and developed the oxo-biodegradable technology, which is designed to enhance one of the unfavorable characteristics of plastics, i.e. their persistence and accumulation in our society, and licenses its technology and supplies its oxo-biodegradable additives to plastics manufacturers globally. Read more about EPI at

Questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us!
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