Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use Doggie Walk Bags?
1. Place hand inside bag
 2. Pick up nuisance
 3. Invert bag inside-out
4. Knot handles to seal odor

What if I am already a Doggie Walk Bags wholesale customer, just new to the site?

Then no need to fill out any applications! Simply call or e-mail notifying that you would like an Online Account created. Tell us what you'd like your account e-mail and password to be, then we'll set it up and you can start your online shopping experience!


Are your dispensers weatherproof?

Yes! Whether you deal with sun, snow or rain, both DWB dispensers are weatherproof! No cracking, peeling, yellowing, or fading. And the DWB Outdoor Dispenser is also graffiti and scratch proof - nearly indestructible!


Will your bags fit other dispensers?

We have multiple bag refill options to work with your Dispenser, (some not listed on our website,) please contact us to learn more.  


I want to change from my current dispenser & bag supplier to Doggie Walk Bags, can DWB help?

We would love to help! Contact us about our Dispenser Trade-Out Special!


What is the Dispenser Trade-Out Special?

If you're unhappy with your current dispenser and bag supplier, we will work with you to solve that problem! We offer discounts and other Trade-Out Specials. Call for more information!


Any specials on large quantity ordering?

Of course! From our dispensers to our duffels, please call for information on volume pricing!


Does DWB carry any dispenser bags on rolls?

Yes! We do have the option of refill bags on a roll if desired, give us a call!


How do I know how many bags to buy?

Important factors to consider when deciding bag quantities are: How heavy is the traffic in this area, which season is approaching, how many dogs pass through this area, etc. Joining our Shipping Schedule Program is also a great way to help with all the factors.


What is the Shipping Schedule Program?

Our Shipping Schedule options range from the first of the month, mid-month, every-other-month, or quarterly. Joining a Shipping Schedule program assures you'll routinely have bags and earns you FREE SHIPPING! You can also set up your account so you have different quantities sent seasonally.

(Ex: Double Cases sent during high seasons and Single Cases sent during low seasons)


What if I run out of bags before my next scheduled shipment?

No problem! Call or place an online order of bags between monthly shipments and still receive FREE SHIPPING!


How are Doggie Walk Bags dispensers usually mounted?

Our dispenser can be mounted directly on a building, onto our galvanized industrial posts or onto 4x4 wooden posts. Typically, the post is set in concrete with the dispenser mounted at a convenient height and any signage placed above the dispenser. All the hardware comes with the purchase of trash bins or posts.


How quickly do you ship your orders?

We try our best to ship all US orders placed Monday through Friday the same day via FedEx. If an order doesn't make it out on the same day, we'll get it ready and the order will go out first thing the next day.


What if I am not happy with my purchase?

Please contact us immediately! We truly appreciate our customers and want to make sure they are happy with their purchase. 

Questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us!
E-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: (949) 200-1148
Fax: (949) 200-1149